Track Your Delivery

Create a tracking ID for your clients to track your vehicle or a delivery. Internally, your team can use FleetUp’s live map to track vehicles. Use Track Your Delivery to provide tracking information to others outside of your organization.

4. Track Your Delivery

Check Start and Destination Location of Your Delivery

After set the destination address, Start location and Destination location can be checked by clicking Start Location and Destination Location buttons.

TYD - How to generate Track ID

Set Check-of-Arrival Distance

Changing circle size of Check-of-Arrival Distance will notice you when the package is in the circle.

TYD - Start and Destination Check

Generating Track ID

After putting a destination address, track ID can be generated.

TYD - Use Track ID

Sample email for clients

After generating Track ID, you can share it to your client. Here is a sample format of sharing it by email.

TYD email sample

Use Track ID

With a track ID, the package can be tracked on