Maps tab allows you to view your offline and online vehicles

You can view the live map with

  • Satellite Imagery
  • Live Traffic
  • Online Vehicles
  • Offline Vehicles

01 Map General Info

Maps tab allows you to view your vehicles in real time

View your offline and online vehicles

    1. From the Maps tab, on the right, you have a list view of all your vehicles and assets
    2. Click Status filter from the map
    3. From the drop down choose Online Vehicles, Offline Vehicles, and/or License Number to filter the vehicles you’d like to view


Select Vehicles to View on the Map

From the vehicle list on the right you can check the box of the vehicle or asset you’d like to see on the map

  • Online vehicles will be green icons
  • Offline vehicles will be white icons
  • Online assets are blue icons
  • Offline assets are red icons

If the vehicle you’ve selected is on, you will see its current location on the map, if the vehicle is off, you will see its last known location

**a vehicle is on when the engine is on, a vehicle is off when the engine is off

02 Select Vehicle

Trip Trail Feature

(view the trail of the vehicle’s current trip)

Curious as to where your vehicle started its current trip? Select ‘Trip Trail’ and look for the blue path the vehicle left behind.

04 Trip Trail

Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) Feature

  1. Go to the Map tab
  2. Select an online vehicle (green)
  3. Click ETA on the vehicle information window. It will pop open a new Google Maps window
  4. Click the Directions button
  5. Type in a destination and enter
  6. It will show ETA from current location to the destination

05 ETA